NBDHHS/SSMNB also provides technical devices, needs assessments as to the need for the appropriate device. Workplace assessments are available upon request as well. NBDHHS/SSMNB will also facilitate and work with clients for appropriate referrals for payment of the devices (please contact us for more information).

Hearing Aid Batteries

Sizes Available: 13, 312, 675
Our Price $8.00

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ST50 Fanstell Amplified Speakerphone

The ST50 is a sophisticated amplified speakerphone that can digitally adjust frequency-specific volume levels so that any user, especially those working in extremely noisy environments, can comfortably and clearly hear a caller's voice. It boasts highly flexible sound settings: incoming voices may be amplified by up to 52dB with extra amplification for high frequencies.

Our Regular Price $159.99.

Geemarc GM400 Ampli 500

The Ampli500 with large numbers and 11 memory dial buttons makes dialing a breeze. Simply program all your important numbers into the phone for one-touch dialing. The Ampli500 phone provides maximum amplification that's customizable to fit your needs. Standard volume control offers a 30dB gain. When the 'AMPLI' button is pressed, the phone provides up to 40dB amplification gain. For additional amplification, the handset boost button provides another 10dB, for a total of 50dB gain. Features include: Caller ID with large LCD display stores up to 99 incoming names and numbers with date/time stamp for each call.

Our Regular Price 169.95

Clearsound CST 25 Amplified Impressions Phone

The CST25 is a sophisticated amplified telephone with speakerphone. It can digitally adjust frequency-specific volume levels so that any user can comfortably and clearly hear a caller's voice, with up to 25 decibels of incoming amplification.

Our Regular Price 299.00

Geemarc Amplipower60+

Amplified Telephone and Speakerphone with Extra Loud 67dB Volume. Phone features include: Up to 67 dB Multifunction Telephone with Extra Amplification & Tone Control, AmpliPOWER enhancement, receiving volume control up to 67dB!(Enhanced amplification level!), hearing aid compatible, extra bright visual ringer indicator (strobe).

Our Price $135.00

Clarity C435 Cordless Phone

With its unique, built-in amplification system, the Clarity C435 (featuring Clarity Power Technology) makes phone conversations not only louder, but clearer and easier to understand. Clarity Power Technology increases the volume of high frequency sounds, the kind of sounds many people can't hear clearly on the phone. Easy to dial - even in the dark 10 Speed-Dial Memory Keys - Stores frequently called numbers 3 One-touch speed-dial memory keys for emergency phone numbers 40 Channel auto-scan for best cordless frequency Port for adding an optional headset for completely hands-free conversation Hearing Aid compatible Last number redial, hook-flash, and mute buttons Belt Clip for carrying handset around Ability to Page (call) between the base and the handset Ringer on/off selectable Tone/Pulse dialing

Our Regular Price $89.95

Telephone Ring Indicator and Flasher

Product Features: Telephone ringer alarm, Extra loud ringer(up to 95dB), Tone & Volume control 4 alarm options: Off, Flash+Alarm, Flash+Shaker, Alarm+Shaker, Wall Mountable, Strobe Flasher Possibility to link a second CL1Shaker (optional).

Our Regular Price $59.95

Walk Assure Super Bright Alarm Clock

The Wake Assure™ Alarm Clock, by Clarity, provides a super loud alarm of up to 85+ decibels as well as a visual alarm indicator. With a powerful bed shaker and a lamp flasher connection, the Wake Assure™ is an ideal solution for those with a moderate hearing loss.

Our Regular Price $ 104.95

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