NBDHHS is excited to announce a new Mental Health Program

The goal of this Program is to provide accessible Mental Health Services to Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf-blind people in New Brunswick.

Thanks to funding from the Government of New Brunswick. NBDHHS can provide the following Mental Health Services at no cost to Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf-blind people in New Brunswick:

Individual Counselling Services (ASL Video)

Sometimes also called psychotherapy, talk therapy, or treatment, is a process through which clients work one-on-one with a Mental Health Professional (i.e. Clinician, Social Worker, Psychologist, Psychiatrist , Counsellor) in a safe, caring, and confidential environment.

Couples & Family Counselling Services (ASL Video)

A specialty that is focused on the thoughts, emotions, and behaviours of couples and families in relationships and in the broader environment in which they function. Couples & Family counselling sessions are confidential.

Group Counselling Services (ASL Video)

In group counselling, there are several clients and at least one Mental Health Professional. Group counselling is roughly defined as at least 5 clients, maximum 15 clients. Group counselling sessions are confidential.

Case Management Services (ASL Video)

Case Management is a “dynamic” process that assesses situations, implements and coordinates plans, and then monitors and evaluates progress in order to improve/ empower clients’ outcomes and experiences. Case management services are confidential.

Consultation Services (ASL Video)

To provide mental health information and advice to other Service Providers and/or families/caregivers to build capacity and support problem-solving. I.e. Instructions on how to find/ book ASL-English interpreters and/or how to work with ASL-English interpreters.

To receive Mental Health Services:

  1. Fill out a Pre-Intake Form (link below). (Contact the NBDHHS Outreach Worker if you need support).
  2. Your name will be put on a waitlist and reviewed by the intake team.
  3. When a Mental Health Professional becomes available to see you, you will be connected with the Mental Health Professional for an “Intake Interview” (Assessment). During the “Intake Interview”, your needs and goals for Services will be clearly identified/assessed. You will also discuss a “Treatment Plan”. You may be asked to complete some Pre-Treatment Questionnaires and a consent to clinical services.

In the interim, Susi Bolender, CCC, and Tara Nesbitt Dyck, MSW, RSW, will provide virtual Mental Health Services. Both Susi and Tara are fluent in American Sign Language (ASL). Susi has a Masters Degree in Clinical Counselling, a background in Interpreting and clinical counselling and Tara has a Masters Degree in Social Work, is Deaf and has been working in the Mental Health field for over 15 years.

The ultimate goal of this Program is to have Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deaf-Blind people understand and be in charge of their own mental health needs and goals.

Until NBDHHS recruits a new Mental Health Professional to provide Services in person, Services will be virtual.

Current Job Postings

Please apply to these postings with a resume and cover letter via email to executivedirector@nbdhhs.com

Mental Health Professional