Employability Skills Program:

Deaf adults and young adults will learn important transitional skills to bridge the gap between the hearing and hard of hearing and Deaf world.

Major skills learned:

  • Employers expectations
  • Hearing culture and norms
  • Deaf culture and norms and how they fit into the hearing world
  • Real world problem solving skills
  • Interviewing skills and techniques
  • Job application forms
  • How to contact an employer
  • Employer follow-up, etc.

Life Skills Program:

This program is designed for deaf and hard of hearing students and young adults, who for whatever reason are moving out of home to live on their own for the first time. Skills learned in this program are:

  • Personal hygiene
  • Personal maintenance
  • Money management
  • Student loans
  • Income assistance
  • Exercising financial restraint
  • Shopping, cooking, banking
  • Mapping personal safety issues
  • Apartment hunting
  • Reality check
  • Interpreter services

VISTA Signing Naturally:

This is a fee for services program for hearing individuals to come and learn ASL and Deaf culture from Deaf community ASL teachers. Programs are 10 weeks in length and are held twice a week. These programs are also provided on site at various employers and service providers upon request. Currently, NBDHHS/SSMNB provides VISTA training levels 101 to 108.