NBDHHS/SSMNB works closely with all government agencies to link up clients with appropriate programming. We work closely on transition teams (when referred) to ensure appropriate placements, and accommodations. NBDHHS/SSMNB seeks out and employs summer students who are Deaf and hard of hearing so that they can further their educational goals. NBDHHS/SSMNB has application forms from all government employment programs. Those interested should contact the agency to begin the application process.

NBDHHS/SSMNB also works closely with transitional teams for hiring clients who wish to enter directly into the workforce. Appropriate referrals are made and follow up is done on a continual basis so that clients do not get lost in the system.


Should clients be interested in furthering their education, regardless of age and education levels, NBDHHS/SSMNB works closely with all parties to ensure appropriate programs and accommodations are being met. Should advocacy be necessary for the client to get the opportunity to pursue their academic goals, NBDHHS/SSMNB will advocate with the appropriate authorities to ensure client's rights are being upheld.

Training and Employment Support Services (TESS)

Clients who require support are urged to begin their proposals early. NBDHHS/SSMNB works closely in these areas with the client, TESS worker and Employment Counselor to ensure all support services necessary are in place prior to the client entering their educational or employment setting.

Social Development

NBDHHS/SSMNB also works closely with this department for clients who are case managed by this department. Employment and financial services are also available through this department should you meet their criteria.

Post-Secondary Employment Training and Labour (PETL)

Should clients meet the PETL's criteria; NBDHHS/SSMNB can refer and act as a resource to PETL Employment Counselors

Employer Sensitivity Training

At the request of the client, case manager or employer, will provide employers and staff with a sensitivity training session relating to the clients physical, communication and cultural needs.