Mission Statement:

We believe the Deaf and Hard of Hearing people within New Brunswick should enjoy the same standard of living and opportunities as those of the hearing community.

Our mission as a non-profit organization is to empower Deaf, late deafened and hard of hearing adults, children and their families, to develop the skills and attitudes necessary to be successful, and inclusive members of society.

To fulfill our mission, we provide interpreter services, assistance in gaining useful employment, advocacy service, public policy initiatives assistive technology, as well as children and adult education and self-help programs.

We place a high value on having the active involvement of a competent and caring staff, effective management of resources, and the attention of a dedicated group of governing directors as being fundamental to our mission.

The support and sponsorship of Government Departments, Agencies, the business community, and the public, together with our own fund-raising activities are essential towards providing the funds necessary for our mission. We will strive to achieve excellence in all we do.