Wallace Anderson Memorial Scholarship Fund

NBDHHS/SSMNB administers a scholarship fund for students who are manually Deaf and reside in New Brunswick. 2002 marked the first year of this scholarship and will continue on a yearly basis providing applications are received by April 30 of each year. Full time, part-time or reduced course load students all qualify. Criteria for scholarship selection will not depend on academic achievement. 'The amount of scholarships and the number of scholarships awarded will depend on the number of applicants and available funding.

Scholarship criteria: the scholarship is designed to enhance manual deaf students living in New Brunswick who wish to further their education goals on a full time or part time basis. There is no age limit for deaf applicants pursuing post-secondary studies and can be applied for on a yearly basis. This can include, but is not limited to, University, College, private schools and literacy programs.

Scholarship applications and selections: Information regarding applications will be conveyed by the following sources: 1) Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority for Deaf Students within the public school system; 2) the Premiers Council on the Status of Disabled Persons, and; 3) appropriate Employment Agencies who work with deaf consumers on case management plans.

The Scholarship committee, which consists of the Executive Director and two volunteer members of the board, will review applications received by the stated deadline.

The amount of interests over principal will determine the number of scholarships awarded. The amount of the scholarship is to be no less than $100.00.

Application process: The application form is to be completed and submitted to the Saint John Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Inc., no later than April 30th of the current year. Those applicants that meet the application criteria will be notified of their success as well as the amount of the scholarship by June 15th. Students who are not successful will also receive written notification and will be encouraged to apply the following year.

  • Complete appropriate application form Letter or video tape of goals and expectations
  • Two letters of reference (who are not family members)
  • Financial & other sources of support
  • High school (or equivalent) transcript
  • Submissions: All information is to be submitted to NBDHHS/SSMNB .c/o Scholarship Fund Committee
    324 Duke Street West Saint John, NB E2M 1V2
    Fax - 506-652-3382

    Click the icon for an application form that you can download, fill out, then email, fax or mail to NBDHHS/SSMNB.